Happy Long Weekend! July 01 2010, 0 Comments

I’m taking a few days to hopefully to relax!

My house has been very busy the last few weeks with packing and moving things around.

My roof has had a major leak. So it means that the whole front portion of my home and the kitchen have been moved to various parts of the house. (I have an open concept.)

My late husband and I purchased the property in 1998 and totally renovated it. We installed a metal roof, so that it would have a long life, but there have been a few problems along the way, and the end result is a major leak, and now the ceilings and various other things have to be replaced.

I will keep you posted, on my own renovations and how things are going and will share some photos with you.

When we purchased the home, we totally transformed the interior and exterior of the home.  The house built in the 70's was a Viceroy Home with six beautiful windows that face Lake Ontario set high up on the hill with an incredible view that changes daily.

These are the windows from the inside looking up. It is a two story living area, open to the second story in one portion, the other with a loft above it.

Here is the leak, actually one of the many.

Renovations can be stressful, even for me. I must admit I had a major meltdown when this happened (so when I am helping you with yours I totally understand the anxiety) to me.

I decided I could continue with the meltdown which was not very productive or I could look at it as an opportunity to repaint with a new colour scheme, edit my stuff.

It easier said then done, I have been through this with this house once before and really was not expecting to do it again, at least not to this extent. Also a little (lot) emotional, I guess because we put so much energy into it, and now I am doing it alone.

Renovations are emotional for all of us in one way or another , to some people it is just choosing paint colours, others it is overwhelming , the chaos the decisions, the time lines the unexpected surprises, which I am sure I will have when they tear down the ceiling. The contractors, there are so many factors, but it is the end result that you need to focus on, and stay positive through out the process, it is hard , but aren't all thing in life that are worth it.

If you are a parent you will know what I mean. Who ever thought when I was about to give the kids to a good home, and almost gave up they would turn out to be such nice people when they grew up.

I will be changing the colours and of course editing, which is hard for all of us, but when the walls are painted a fresh new colour the editing process will be easier.

So for this weekend I am sitting by the water if the weather behaves and if not I will be in my studio. In my studio I have a framed poster that greats me when I in there, I read each time I have one of those moments.

I will be editing my fabric stash; I cannot vacuum, so I am forced to sit at my sewing machine. I am making a few bags for the store.

Kathy's Bathroom is all done so you can see the photos, and Ruth's Kitchen is almost ready for the final photos.

I have stared another project which is a makeover of the kitchen. You will see before and after shots. This customer is Mrs. Cool; I will tell you more about her when you see her kitchen makeover.

Have a great Canada Day!