A New Year! January 12 2011, 1 Comment

I know it’s a little late but it is still early January so it still counts!

Last year the Melon Patch was busy and exciting. It is hard to believe that at the end of January, it will be two years that we have been at our current location. How time flies when you are having fun.

We completed a number of projects both indoors and out, met some wonderful new faces and formed lasting friendships, I hope that your year was as eventful as ours.

Over the next few months, I will be posting some of the new design trends for 2011.

Some returning trends are bold and dramatic paint colours, navy blue and black for wall and trim among a few.

Little did I know that when I was planning my kitchen renovation in the early summer of 2010 that I would be a part of this year’s trend!?

I repainted my very bright and bold kitchen with calmer quieter Colour. The walls got a coat of Silver Screen from C2 # 8287, the cabinets on the prep wall a coat of Black low lustre Melanie paint form Para Paints. I love the colour black, for me it defines and anchors a room. The remaining cabinets Muslin from Benjamin Moore # CC110 in addition to the new paint colours in my kitchen, repainted all the trim and ceiling colours. The trim Phantom11-31 and the ceilings to Arrowroot 29-32 both are colours from Pratt & Lambert; it was a better blend with the new kitchen colour.  I am still on the hunt for a backsplash.

The previous year I replaced the island counter top from tile to black granite. The prep counter was replaced with stainless steel.  A new sink came with the counter top. A single 10” deep sink, with a drain hole at the back.

C-tech sink: the sink came with its own strainer, which catches all the nasty stuff that would normally go down the drain. No more plugged sinks.

Blanco Compost Bin: I also installed a counter mounted compost bin.

These can be installed in any counter top. Stone, tile, ceramic, providing you have you have room for the bin underneath. The bin lifts out, so you can dispose of the waste.

When you put it back it’s flush with the counter top, the lid goes on and it is sealed.

The finishing touches happened on Christmas Eve and all worked out beautifully since I was the hostess for this year for Christmas dinner.

My year starts with a fresh new look for a New Year. I really cherish my home and love to be there as much as possible as my surroundings make me content and relaxed.

I’m a flea market and antique junkie. I think is the thrill of the hunt and of course the odd bargain none of us can resist. Mixing old and new gives character to a room.

One of my bargains was a silver tray, sometimes you need to look beyond the tarnish.

Flea Market Silver Tray: I put in on the front hall table, to place my keys on, so there is no mad dash to find them in the morning.

I am starting my New Year with a new look.

If you would like a new look it can be as simple as some new accessories, a new paint colour, new coverings for your existing furniture or a room re-mix or perhaps a one-day make over!

Call 613-541-0231 or email elizabeth@themelonpatch.com and we'll help make your New Year exciting in your home!

This year we’ll working on bringing you an online store. So you can browse at our new finds new and vintage in the comforts of your home.

Her are few of our new finds...

Bainbridge Blues

I love fabric and these have a wonderful feel. I not only choose this company for their fabrics but for their Philosophy as well.

“buy classic, buy quality, buy less, live simply, live well….”

This been my mandate for years , but as small retailer in the chaos of China-made products it can be a challenge, so I seek companies and products that have a similar agenda.

In the coming year I’ll strive to find more products that meet that criteria.

If you are a fan of Sara’s Farmhouse (Sara Richardson from HGTV), then you will love this collection. Bainbridge Blues are Heirloom quality textiles that are designed in the USA on Bainbridge Island off the Coast of Washington State and woven in Italy.

This collection of fabrics is woven from 100% natural environmentally friendly fibres starting with Hemp. These textiles are simple and approachable with a fresh new look at the traditional colour pallet.

Wire Egg Basket (Vintage)

These are just a few of the new arrivals.

If you would like more information please e-mail elizabeth@themelonpatch.com

Have a great 2011!