Updates June 22 2011, 0 Comments

The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has been shipped and due to arrive on Monday.  The response has been wonderful and big THANKS to all of those who pre-ordered. I will notify you as soon as your order is ready to be shipped.

The Melon Patch will also be relocating from Kingston, to the Village of Bath, where we came from two and half years ago, it has been wonderful  here meeting so many great new freinds .  The  move will take place throught the month of July and we will still be available to work with you, should you require services or picking up paint or any products, just be sure to call so we know you are coming.

We will have much more room for our Scavolini Kitchen showroom and have a few suprises in store, the newest of course is the Annie Sloan line of products. In the fall after I become cerifited I will teach the Annie Sloan Workshop.

If you are in the area we will be at 357 Main Street, Bath, please drop by say hello, we many not be totally organized but you are most welcome and we might even put you to work!!!!

Look  forward to meeting all the Annie Sloan fans and sharing stories about your projects.