What you can do with Chalk Paint August 03 2011, 0 Comments

The Distressed Swedish/French Urban look:

Apply one or two coats of Chalk Paint in the same or different colours and allow to dry. Then apply soft clear wax using a brush. Next, wipe off any excess wax. The rub over gently with medium grade sandpaper to distress it. For a more distressed look use dark was to darken some areas . Finally apply more clear wax and allow to dry . If a delicate sheen is dessired buff the wax after is completly dry.

The Polised Plaster Look:
Apply two coats of Chalk Paint in the same or different colours. Then rub with fine sand paper or lightlty use an electric sander until shiny smooth. Leave or was for extra shine and protection.

The Washed Look:
Apply a damp cloth over fresh dry paint and spread to make a transparent colour.

Create Blackboard that is not BLACK

Apply three coats of Chalk Paint to wall or wood. Allow to dry overnight . Clean with a slightly damp cloth.

Other uses.
Use on walls , wood, metal, matte plastic or terracotta and leave to harden overnight before exposing to the rain. No need to wax or vasrnish.

Colour Ideas for 2 Colour distressing

OLD WHITE: Over Duck Egg Blue, Old Ochre , Paris Grey, Scandinvaian Pink, Country Grey, Henriatta or Paloma.

COUNTRY GREY: Over Scandianvian Pink, Cream , Henreitta

CREAM: Over Duck Blue or Chateau Grey

OLD OCHRE: Over Scandianvian Pink


PARIS GREY: Over Cream, Arles, or Scanadianvian Pink

DUCK EGG: Over Chateau Grey

OLIVE : Over Scandianvian Pink or Arles

NAPOLEONIC BLUE: Over Antibes Green

Paloma:Over Arles or Emile

EMILE: Over Chateaue Grey


Looking foward to seeing the combinations.

Until next time Cheers Elizabeth