New Annie Sloan Products January 27 2012, 0 Comments

Clear Matt Floor Lacquer

This floor lacquer is used to go over chalk paint   that has been used on wood or concrete surfaces.  It is a matte finish but there is a very slight sheen which gives it more strenght. A matte finish is not as strong as shiny so a bit of shine has been added to give more strength

It covers approximately  12 square meters( about 360 square feet ) but will vary according to the absorbency of the floor .


Crackle Varnish

This is two part set for achieving a crackled varnish finish like the crackled varnish on an old masters painting.

The set consists of 100ml base coat and 100ml top coat.

Both products will be available in February at the Melon Patch if you would like to pre-order please send an e-mail to

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