I Am Thinking About Spring February 04 2012, 0 Comments

I live in the country and along my road they are starting to purne the apple trees, and few years ago I collected some of the branches and forced them to bloom inside. I was very happy with the results .

It is nice to go for a walk on Sunny Spring feeling day to pick the branches.


Forcing Instructions

Select branches that are at least 12 inches long and have lots of buds

Cut branches from the tree or bush with pruning shears or scissors and trim the ends, removing any smaller twigs and buds toward the botton 6 inches of the branches ( any part that will be under water once in a vase a  will rot )

Using sharp scissors or kitchen shears, carefully slit the branches at the end in several directions. The slits should be about  a quarter to half inch long.

Mash the slit ends into hard surface so the ends splay out slightly to encourage the branch to absorb water .

Completely submerge the branches into a container of cool to lukewarm water so that no parts are sticking out ( a bathtub or laundry sink are good palces ) and leave to soak over night.

Place the branches upright in a bucket or their vases and move to a room or area  that doesn't get a lot of natural light  , ( a closet or basement) and leave fro a week or two until the buds begin to show little sing of colour. You will need to add water as needed.

Move to their permanent location , and enjoy the blooms! The flower will take 1 to 3 weeks to reach full bloom and may last and additional few weeks . My dogwood branches last for about a month.

I also add fresh tulips to the vase a nice feeling of spring .

Until next time