Crakle Varnish March 04 2012, 0 Comments

Two Part  set for achieving a crackled varnish finish like the cracked varnish on an old Masters Painting. The size of the cracks can be varied according to how fine a layer of the Step 2 is applied . The thinner the coat the smaller the cracks.

This was easy to use I had a base coat of Duck Egg Blue , coverage is approximately 20 square feet for step 1 and step 2 i s a little less. Step 1 dries quickly it is very shinny and appears wet, I applied step 2 and then used a hair dryer to dry, you can also let it dry naturally, but of course I could not wait. I applied some dark wax over the area to give it some details.

Loving this product , so easy . Other crackle varnish I used has not given such great results so quickly.

Until next time.