Mini-Vacaction August 08 2012, 0 Comments

It always to good to take a little vacation. I don't always have time to take  a long one ...

I had the opportunity to take a mini one this past long weekend. I had some visitors form Western Canada ...

We did much in little time and the highlight was looking at houses. One friend thinking of moving here. It was fun to imagine filled with my friends style... It gave us both inspiration to go home and "get er done" as another friend of ours who is addicted to renovating would say, he came too!

Enjoy long or short vacations do what you love each and every day . Some times the simple things in life  are the things we never think of doing that give us inspiration, connect us to our surroundings and give us new energy.

Thanks for the mini vacation my friends and helping to dream living in the country



Until next time