Annie Sloan Paint October 28 2011, 0 Comments

I have heard from some of you that the costs of the Annie Sloan paint is high, so I have been doing some surfing to see what it would cost to purchase furniture that is similar to the look , that can be created with the Annie Sloan Paint.

I don’t know about you, but I would have to win the lottery to buy some of these pieces. they are beautiful and I appreciate the workmanship that has gone into them.

I know that with a little imagination and some thrifting you to can duplicate some of these looks at a fraction of the price.

Remember Annie Sloan paint does not need priming and there is no sanding required, before you work on the piece , that alone is a huge time cost saver.

The cost of the paint stripper and primer is eliminated.

The colours of the pieces are very similar to those found in the Annie Sloan paint  collection.

the price of this chair is $1,225.00 ( pure white or old white)

the price of this hutch and the chest of drawers are both $2,000.00 ( Provence for the hutch and Greek blue for the chest)unt

until next time