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I started collecting and revamping in my early twenties and that was some time ago. I have never tired of the process. There have  been many items that have come and gone, as you tastes and budget changes so do the items. With the exception of a few pieces that were purchased new, like the sofa  and  couple of chairs and the mattress , most of everything has been painted /stripped or recycled in one way or another.

We were the odd ones at that time I remember a relative coming and saying you guys must be really poor because all you can do is buy this old Junk… we were ahead of our times but did not know it. She still thinks I collect Junk but the difference now is I paint my Junk great colours!!!!

I am a fairly creative person but this came about out of necessity more than a gift… I saw many things in magazines that I loved but like everyone else could not afford to buy, when I married my husband was a student and when he finished I went back to school….. wanting to have nice things that were not cookie cutter and both of us being handy made out lives interesting and fun… I have not tired of any of the process , the huge difference it the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ it changed things to easy and better… no long involved process of stripping the piece of furniture or painting with smelly paints…. All you need is  furniture with good bones and one that fits your design aesthetic. Once you start the process you learn many things … it is always a learning process.. some things still amaze me and the there are others just like everyone else when I say ” what were you thinking” but if you don’t try then you will never know where you could have or not…. The best part it is you and no one else has  your foot print, whether it is paint/fabric/choice of furniture piece etc. It makes your space you.

The difference between now and then, are the amazing products you can use to revamp and recycle with. There many wonderful blogs/books and tools ( like the electric stapler /glue gun ) you think I am kidding right!!! they were probably around but we did not have any access , and there is the Internet where you can look anything up at any time and anywhere time.

Take classes when you can it teaches hands on skills you meet many wonderful people share ideas  and give you confidence and life long skills. Never be afraid because you are not good enough… if you were you would not need a class… I love taking them and each time I learn something new…. or a twist on something old.

Hopefully you will Create and Enjoy the New Year and all your new found skills.

Join us on Jan 27th and Feb 10th for the flea market flip classes

Until  next time