Chalk Paint Feed Back December 21 2011, 0 Comments

Comments from our Chalk Paint Customers.
These ladies have been with me from Day one of Chalk Paint, they have had few cans of paint and each time they get an new shipment it is like the first.
I felt the same way, when I opened the can of Barcelona Orange I did not imagine it would be such a gentle orange , could not wait to start my project……. but I was shipping paint , so my Christmas Present to my self is a day of Painting.

” Paloma is such a beautiful shade, great with French Linen or with Paris Grey”

“Christmas just got a whole lot jollier! The paint is in my hot little hands and if I didn’t feel so much guilt, I’ d cancel my next few clients and RACE home to begin the painting frenzy…. oh, Im’m supposed to finish my last minute Christmas shopping tonight !. Now that the paint is here I just wanna shove some cash into the card ( hand painted with chalk paint of course) and begin painting!!!!’
It will take every ounce of “grown-upness” I have to finish this day hahaha!”

Being the first Retailer to bring Annie Sloan Chalk Paint into Canada was huge risk, our market much smaller than Europe and U.S. but when you get e-mails like this it makes it all worth while and I hope each and everyone of you has the same feeling  of joy when you start painting.

There are still a few bugs to work out with having enough product on hand so I can ship the day after I recieve you orders and we have had some shipping bugs, but those are being resloved.

This week I have been taking shipments to the Bus depot for those who could not wait for the paint to arrive, and wanted to paint over the Holidays.

It a nice feeling when you  have people happy doing things they love.


Until next time