Colour and Passion! June 21 2010, 0 Comments

My goal at the Melon Patch is to provide Balance and Harmony to you Personal Space. My passion is colour, it can be in fabric, accessories or paint on the wall. 

I recently read and article by Michele Bernhardt, here is her take on colour and I could not agree more.

Here is a brief synopsis of her article. 

‘It is the simplest solution to updating your environment and lifting the mood is colour for your house.’

Orange: Creativity – Orange expands your thinking
Green: Prosperity – Green increases wealth
Blue: Calm – Blue gives a sense of Peace
Yellow: Concentration – Yellow increases your focus
Red: Sensuality – Deep red inspires passion
Pink: Love – Pink opens the Heart
Purple: Spirituality – Light purple is spiritual

Bring colour into your life, it will change the mood, calm the soul and put order in your life. It is a reflection of who you are and creates harmony and balance to your space.

Colour Consultations are available at the Melon Patch, inside or out side, one room or a whole house! Drop us a line at or 613-541-0231