From Miss Mustard Seed February 18 2012, 0 Comments

Sewing and Junking have enriched my life , taught me many skills , made my home unique and interesting and helped my children foster their creative side.My daughter is an Industrial Designer and my Son a talented home builder renovator.

My Family came to this country as immigrants and we did not have a lot, at a young age my mother and father got me a sewing machine ( a treadle which makes me sound ancient ) the only one they could afford , it was really for my mother( she never did have time to learn but at 73 I thought her to make a string quilt which I will share with you down the road) but she had to work all the time to help with getting established in this Canada.
I spent a lot of time alone, but we had a neighbour who had I think 6 or 7 kids and she sewed, I spent a lot of time there because I was an only child and asked he to help me sew something. I was hooked from then on  and played with the machine it was my toy. my first project and I still have not forgotten was a red gingham blouse with ruffles, maybe that’s why I am so fond of red .

Then along came my husband who loved woodworking and we hunted for antiques which he re purposed and our first home together was all homemade. We were an oddity way back then, people did not do those things , and I remember a relative commenting that you must be really poor to be buying all this junk. Little did she know that we were trend setters before our time. It gave us many hours of pleasure and I still have many of the items from the early days.

You don’t need a fancy sewing machine or a lot of tools.  We can all do it ,  everyone has a creative side the important thing is to tap into something that gives you pleasure .

Enjoy the simple things in life it will make you a richer person.

Until next time