From the Beginning… July 24 2010, 0 Comments

The new ceiling and the living room have been painted, but first I’m going to take you through the whole process of my house from the beginning to now.

(On the left) We purchased the property in 1998 and started the renovations in 1999 which were completed shortly after. My husband and I did all the work, he built the addition and we both tackled the interior work together.

Our son Nick helped out occasionally, he’s in the business and builds houses; in is his spare time he works on his own house.

His before and after pictures are as dramatic as ours were. Here are the before pictures of the front and back of the house prior to the renovation.


We had many comments as we took the family to have a look at it once we made the purchase.

My mother, “Just get a bomb and that will fix everything.”

Nick “What were you two smoking?” The boy has a sense of humor.

Jen the daughter, “You have totally lost it!”

Here is the view from the road as the house looks now.

We had a vision, the house was in a great spot, the view incredible, and once inside, very dated but had a good feeling. We bought six windows.

Even though we had a good vision of what we were going to do, we hired a professional to put the plans on paper. Save a few arguments and it is good to have another perspective.

This gave a good visual foundation of where we were going and it was much easier to make adjustments on paper, before we actually did the renovations, and in the long-run, saved money, because we did not make costly mistakes.