Hello from Croatia! August 23 2010, 0 Comments

It has been an amazing trip and as such the two weeks have gone by quickly. My son was only able to stay one week, but we got the family reunions visits done while he was here.

I didn’t think the visit to Croatia would be so overwhelming!

We went to the town where I was born and visited a familiar little book shop, on the day that we were there the father of the man who owned the shop was on duty. We started to chat and I told him I was born in the town and the purpose of the visit. He asked me who I was and he said, “Well, I remember your family well and the impact that they made on the community while they lived here.” It was as though it was only a few years ago that we left. On October 17th, 2010, it will be 50 years.

He is a few years older, and we were playmates as children. He is now a journalist and has written books on the area. He gave us the book of Lapin, and showed us many places from my childhood.  It was so overwhelming I cried the whole time he was talking. The same when we went to the village where my parents were from. There were 60 plus houses at one time. Now there are only 4, the rest devastated by all the wars. The last war in the 90’s almost wiped out the entire community.

We met some long-lost relatives and had an incredibly grand time. The word got out and they arraigned a major celebration and we had over 40 people at the picnic in our honour, wow! 

These things we will never, ever forget. And a new, friendly foundation for my kids when they come back to visit.

I was totally re-inspired and have a thousand new ideas, hopefully enough time to do them all. I’ll be bringing back some jewellery made in Croatia. They will be posted soon and we’ll show some pictures and tell you all about my trip to Croatia when I get back.

See you all soon!