Home Decor January 07 2012, 0 Comments

Home Decor , is an evolving process , allow yourself the patience  and will come together  in time,especially if you like to take an active role in the decorating.

While you are working on your decor,  remember that it is the finishing touches that add the WOW that take a plain Jane room , from Ordinary to Extraordinary!

Mirrors area  great way to allow more light into a space.

Lighting is more is often more than a finishing touch and because is makes such a statement it should be incoporated into a design scheme from the beginning.

Pillows  provide, colour, comfort and a  perfect way to decorate a room seasonally and shifting the colour balance.

Flowers are the jewelry of the home. A few fresh flowers make it feel like home and brighten any corner. It can be just a few sprigs from the garden or the grocery store.

Until next time