October 3 rd October 03 2011, 0 Comments

What a horrible miserable day, damp , rainy the kind of day to stay in bed and read a good book.

I was very tempted, but instead, lit the first fire of the year made what I call cleaning out the fridge soup and did some baking.

My daughter is coming home for Thanksgiving and she has gluten intolerance  , so I have been experimenting to with recipes to make a cake and pie crust. I think I am almost there. They tasted pretty good, my son will  be the taste tester and if likes them, we are off to the races. He was and still is such a picky eater, he has to eat in sections, potatoes, then meat then what ever.

I did read a book to not the gotta finish mystery type but a how to .

It is called throw out fifty things.


I usually read a book from cover to cover, but with this one I decided to use it a workbook.

I started in the bedroom closet.  I did find fifty things , but fifty things means fifty different things. So far clothes only, I have a long way to go, but it felt good to have  pile  to  to take to  the Salvation Army and  the women’s shelter.

I have a friend who is not in such a good place in her life right now and she had the assistance of the women’s shelter , they are amazing people who work there.

I encourage you to throw out fifty things, donate  and share  you just never know who will need them.

Until next time