Old Friends Meet December 30 2011, 0 Comments


A beautiful Thursday in November we had was an early . We were picking up  some new items for the Melon Patch.  At a special place in the country, a grand old building that was once a paper mill, and now filled with the most amazing treasurers.
The owner and I met almost 8 years ago (when the Melon Patch was in Bath) and lost touch, he moved , my life circumstances changed, I moved my store to Kingston and then just prior to my return ( back to Bath ) someone told me about this incredible place and on dull rainy Sunday  in the early spring I jumped in the car and went off.
When I walked in , we immediately connected as though no time had passed. He came into my store because he liked the name and then once inside he could not stop talking , he loved my finds and at that time my Husband was building furniture for the Melon Patch, and we were painting them with Milk Paint.

And now he is doing what he loves finding antiques and unique pieces and giving them life  after many years of flea market shopping , he is  sharing his timeless collection of inspiring Furniture, French Country Antiques  and other treasurers from Europe , the United States and Canada with the Melon Patch.


Over the Next couple of weeks we will be  arranging the pieces,  and of  course giving them a coat of Annie Sloan Paint. Stay tuned for the photos coming soon

Have a Happy and safe New Year


Until nex time