On Vacation! August 08 2010, 0 Comments

This will be the last blog for a few weeks while I go on Vacation to visit my Homeland of Croatia with my family. 

This adventure includes my 85 year old mother, my son from Kingston, and meeting up with my daughter who lives in Sweden.

This is the first trip back form my mother since 1959 and the first for my children to see their other roots. Exciting for all of us!!!

Updates and Notes…

– Ruth’s kitchen backsplash is due to arrive while I am gone. Got a semi-confirmation.

– Mrs. Cools kitchen makeover is almost complete.

 – You’ll be seeing Nancy’s Headboard very soon.

There are few other projects on the go, a new bathroom to begin in September, and two Scavolini Kitchen installations in September. There will be lots of pictures to take and share!

I hope to do some shopping for the store while I am in Europe, it’s been awhile since I have been there so we will see what goodies I come home with.

If you have any questions regarding Scavolini Kitchens please call my Toronto contact Noel George at 416-627-5284 and he’ll be happy to answer any questions, and if you need to see him, he’ll come to the Kingston area.

Have a great August and we’ll see you in September!