Painting Kitchens October 04 2011, 0 Comments


before from the House of Ann blog

A number of you have asked about painting you kitchens.

Here  is what Annie says:

You can use our paint on kitchen cabinets using at least 2 coats of paint and then give it two or three coats of wax to seal it. Our wax is water repellent and strong  and makes  a good connection to the paint. Our paint is meant to give character and interest rather than a perfectly  smooth ” plastic”  finish of some paints. Refresh every now and again with some more wax. When they need to be cleaned  us a  propriety spray cleaner  like Mr. Muscle.

There is no sanding or priming needed , but if the surface is extremely shiny it is wise to rough it up a bit , so that the paint will adhere, especially in areas of high use like the cutlery drawer.

after from the House of Ann blog