Road Trip September 25 2011, 0 Comments


Saturday was a last minute decision to take a road trip .

I had made contact with a supplier that I have been trying to reach all summer, a hard man to reach he often goes to Europe on buying trips and sell at the  Brimfield Market.


The day beautiful, his barn amazing, and if I had only won the lottery I would have come home with it all,  but no lottery and a small car made the decision for me.


My mission to buy dough bowls, I love them and  have fond memories form  my younger days. I grew up in Croatia and my mother would bake bread weekly, and she would let the dough rise in a similar type bowl.

A few pictures for inspiration: I love them they have charm and history and  are multi purpose.



If you are interested in a dough bowl you will find them at the Melon Patch , or I can send you an individual photo of the bowls I purchased with size and price.

Legacy Hardware

On the way back we stopped at the wonderful Legacy Hardware , and if  you are a fan of Sara’s House ( Sara Richardson ) there is a clip of her outside buying a tub and inside  buying Lighting.

I had met Christine and her daughter earlier in the week, they came to the Melon Patch to buy chalk paint, and by Saturday they had painted two pieces and have them in the shop for sale. Great job!!! a great fit for their store.

Funny how the world is small , I have been a customer of theirs for years and now we have even more in common, their great stuff and my chalk paint, a winning team I’d say, and nice people to boot.

Be sure to make a trip it well worth it and truly inspiring.

This is an amazing place, you could spend the whole day they have everything you would ever  want for vintage restoration.

Here are a few images from their website.