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I am fortunate to have an amazing woods next door to where I live in the country.
I have lived here for 12 years and feel so lucky. I moved here with my husband and it was a life long dream to live in the country and have a beautiful woods near us to walk.


I try to walk in the woods, in all the seasons, they inspire me and give me a sense of calm. I see so many wonderful things that nature has left.

This has been a challenging year moving the store and taking on the Annie Sloan Paints.

It has taken some time to get things up and running , there never seem to be enough hours in the day, but what a good feeling to speak with enthusiastic individuals everyday. You keep me going when I think OMG  !!!!!!! Dealing with the hiccups of the paint delays and brush delays . But I think we are in the home stretch now.

I love this time of year too, I am not sure what it is perhaps it is the warm colours , the abundance of inspirations from the woods, the moss the leaves, pine cones etc.

This morning I saw 8 wild turkeys when I looked out the bathroom window, and  in the woods, I could hear the Pheasants taking off as they heard  me coming.

I also love to decorate the outside of the house with pumpkins, moss and my very favorite ornamental cabbage.

I usually host Thanksgiving dinner, and like to have the inside of the house done as well.

While I was browsing on line for some inspirations I found these amazing Velvet Pumpkins

The site is I love them all the white ones are really nice too, hard to choose.

A few years ago I made some fabric pumpkins , quite ordinary to the velvet ones, my stems are tree branches, they were fun to do with bits of leftover fabrics.

This could be fun project with the kids, they could help with the stuffing and picking the stems.

Enjoy, the season and happy pumpkining


Until next time