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Annie Sloan will be touring the United States  March 16th to April 2nd and in honour of her visit The Melon Patch is
offering and introductory kit to help you get started in using the Best Paint in the World.

There is no Priming /Stripping / Sanding required  to prep the surface  and the Paint sticks to almost anything!

One – 32 ounce can covers 140-150 square feet

One- 4 ounce sample pot covers roughly 15 square feet one coat.

You will be able to do many projects with this quantity of paint.

The Kit
1 can of old white
1 can of clear wax
1 can of dark wax
2- 4 ounce sample pots colours of your choice
1 – 2″ furniture brush

to see how far all of this goes visit onegirlinpink


Old White over Duck Egg Blue, Old Ochre, Paris Grey, Scandinavian Pink, Country Grey, Henrietta or Paloma

Distressed Swedish/French/Urban Look

1. apply one or two coats of Chalk Paint in the same or different colours, and allow the paint to dry

2. then apply soft or clear wax

3. wipe off any excess wax

4. rub over gently with a medium grade sandpaper to distress.

For a more distressed look,  darken some areas with dark wax


You can also extend other colours using Old White

Here is an example using Greek Blue

Greek Blue is a warm Blue without any green.




To make ‘Nanatucket’

Add 2 parts Old White to 1  part Greek Blue to get the good Cape Cod colour


To make ‘Cornish Blue’

Add 1 part Greek Blue to 8 parts Old White, this makes a seaside blue

You can also do a colour progression: This applies to all the colours

Greek Blue with 1, 2, 3  and 4 parts of Old  White.

Until next time