Store updates September 13 2012, 0 Comments

Hello all , it has been a hectic time here at the Melon Patch, we have experienced numerous power outrages over the past week or so. Which meant that all systems were down, the phone , the Internet and everything else that goes with it. The mail box says full but it is not …. not sure what happened but modern technology sometimes does not work. We are here and hopefully this will be sorted out today.

There was also a delay in receiving our paint . The paint  comes for the US and they were hit by Hurricane Issac… so that means that they got behind in their shipping because of preparations for the storm. Thankfully everyone is fine .

The good new is that today there are several shipments coming with new products…. that is always fun.

I hand picked some grain sacks and I hope they arrive, they are from Eastern Europe , will be suitable for small upholstery projects or pillows.


A sneak peak at more goodies that will be arriving shortly.

Just a reminder we are having the paint seminar this Sunday there is still room .

Until Nex time