The Little house that grew… January 03 2014, 0 Comments

The little house that grew … was purchased with a vision.. the builder a young man.. who saw potential.. it was a mere 350 square feet.. in a great location.. in Kingston,  Ontario..  The builder.. who has been building homes for a number of years

He chose to use the current house as the foot print for the new one.. adding on and up rather that a complete tear down.. Now it has taken a few years to complete.. busy working for others and building their dream homes and working on his in his spare time.

Here is the original house…

nicks houes

The little house is now… approx.  1975 ft..  I have had the privilege of being involved with the project from the start and offering a few suggestions… and now I have been asked to stage the house to be featured in a new Kingston Home Magazine that will premier this spring.. very exciting for both of us..

All the walls in the house are painted pure white.. the house is roomy  and very bright so rather than chop up the space  with wall colour we chose pure white.. we did not use  any trim around the windows.. wanted to it be clean and simple, we opted for dry wall return…..Hardwood flooring  was used in the throughout the  house and I have opted to  use area rugs. I love Oriental Carpets.. they are not everyone’s cup of tea… but with a an eclectic mix it works well..

The house now as 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms.. plus a family room loft….with fireplace ….

The main floor has and entry /sitting room , dinning room and kitchen with garden doors to the backyard…

I am using a mix of modern/vintage and traditional items to decorate the home… I love an eclectic look.. I think it gives a space a personality , rather than a cookie cutter look..and much easier on the budget..

We will be painting furniture with decorative paint from Annie Sloan.. and some of the colours will be mixed to complement the furnishings.. to give it a custom look…

Decorating with a minimal budget makes one very creative and  I think sometimes these are my favorite projects because it makes you think out of the box.. A challenge when you live in small community where there is not always a lot of surplus furniture .. but it is very is a lot of hunting and gathering.. and there where the fun is.. much simpler when you are doing your own , I have to admit I have a little stash for occasion like this when I am in a pinch..

I  use as much art on the walls as possible , it does not have to be a Picasso.. art does not have to match the sofa or any other piece of furniture it should be something that you love and says something to you.. You can mix landscapes with portraits with a mix of modern.. it make for an interesting collection.

For the sitting area on the main floor.

I chose and Oriental Carpet for the wood floor which has a dark stain.

living room carpet

Two Custom covered wing chairs in black/white ticking fabric.


I am sewing some lumbar cushions for the seats.. they are down filled .. 12×18 inserts.. the inserts will be on the Melon Patch on line shop and available for purchase in the store as well..


I am using a dark grey/black melon type wool for these and will be repeating the same fabric in the upstairs loft/family room..

I am working on a  budget and time is crucial…. normally I would order the fabric..  so I had to improvise shopping is limited in Kingston..   will share that with you in another post…

The coffee table is a  small mid-century modern table custom painted with decorative paint by Annie Sloan with clear wax.. I choose to mix the colours 2 parts Pairs Grey and 1 Part Old White.. I wanted to compliment the carpet and chair fabric. the table has a dark glass top.

2012-09-04 20.01.20

Until next time Elizabeth

Custom Upholstery…. November 26 2013, 0 Comments

At the Melon Patch .. we do custom upholstery.. this chair  painted with decorative paint from Annie Sloan.. and the fabric provide by the customer..


We are a full service shop.. we provide upholstery and custom painting..

Until Next time..

Working with Neutrals November 21 2013, 0 Comments


Neutrals are the starting point for almost any palette. The key to making a neutrals palette work is to add texture. That could be through the use of metals or combinations of smooth and rough textiles or Rustic woods. Don’t let working with a neutral palette scare you. These colours and tones evoke tranquility with a soft sophisticated look. by the way neutrals are not just white or beige.. When I do an interior project I think of the long term.. the easy things to change are paintings/cushions and accessories.. I stick with a neutral palette for walls and floors.. as much as possible , simply because these are large surface areas and can be costly to change.

Here are few neutrals for the wall…

Cooking Apple Green from Farrow & Ball  # 32 .. this is a green with gray but it is still very bright.. another is November Rain#2142-60 from Benjamin Moore.. looks good with wood trim and is a putty colour warm, but not to warm..

For Furniture painting.. try these colour from Annie Sloan

Paris Grey this colour is inspired by French and Swedish interiors and works well with blues and oranges… Paloma  a soft purplish Grey I call a transitional colour … totally of out my comfort range but I have grown to love it.. works well with purples and grays …

Here is a love piece a painted by Virginia Weathersby an Annie Sloan paint stockist..


Until next time.. Elizabeth


Think Spring April 03 2012, 0 Comments

Think Spring , think Antibes from Annie Sloan














































Corbels February 22 2012, 0 Comments

Corbels come in many shapes and forms , you can buy new ones or find old ones at antique stores  .  In our area a great source is Legacy Hardware

I found this desk that was done by Sara Richardson , who if you have seen her T.V shows shops at Legacy Hardware.

Great little project for Chalk Paint , in this photo the colours that would work well from Annie Sloan Colours. Pure White and Primer Red.

Until Next Time


Painting Kitchens October 04 2011, 0 Comments


[caption id="attachment_1722" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="before from the House of Ann blog"][/caption]

A number of you have asked about painting you kitchens.

Here  is what Annie says:

You can use our paint on kitchen cabinets using at least 2 coats of paint and then give it two or three coats of wax to seal it. Our wax is water repellent and strong  and makes  a good connection to the paint. Our paint is meant to give character and interest rather than a perfectly  smooth " plastic"  finish of some paints. Refresh every now and again with some more wax. When they need to be cleaned  us a  propriety spray cleaner  like Mr. Muscle.

There is no sanding or priming needed , but if the surface is extremely shiny it is wise to rough it up a bit , so that the paint will adhere, especially in areas of high use like the cutlery drawer.

[caption id="attachment_1721" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="after from the House of Ann blog"][/caption]