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Mirror Inspiration April 14 2012, 0 Comments

I seem to have an obession with mirrors, all types and all sizes. I like them because decorating with mirros is a great way to bring style to any room.

Here are few of my reasons

1. in addition to providing and alterantive to wallart, mirrors offer the addtitional benefit of addint light to any room.

2. think big ! the bigger the mirror the more light in can reflect, not only will there be light refection but i can also make a room look much larger.

3. mirrors can also provide a focal point , and will help to anchor  all of the other decorative elements  of the room.

Old Hardware March 24 2012, 0 Comments

If you have hinges and hardware that you want to keep but they are covered in Paint have look at the  Urban Cottage blogspot, they have an article on how to do it without harsh chemicals.

Until next time, Elizabeth...

Colours are Warm and Cozy! October 03 2010, 0 Comments

Well it’s officially Fall!

I love this time of year, not too happy with what follows! If we could have Spring, Summer and Fall only as the seasons, I would be happy!

The colours are warm and cozy, the cool crisp mornings, warm days, great for family outings, and of course apple and pumpkin pies.

Fall decorating can be fun and affordable and the outdoors are a wonderful inspiration.

No guess-work with the colours, they’re already done, just pick up a few leaves – they’ll perk up any setting.

 A few gourds and pumpkins in a basket or on your mantle.

Some ornamental cabbage in the garden or outdoor container.

This is a family of plants that are native to Europe and Asia and have been developed as ornamentals.

The ornamental Kales are usually the frilly ones and cabbages have solid edges. This a perfect plant for late season color. They only improve with the frost and cold weather.

See ya next time!

Inspirations from Europe! September 16 2010, 0 Comments

The vacation was supposed to be non-working. But when you are in design you cannot help but notice things.

Since my family (son is house builder, daughter doing an M.A. in Interactive Design, with the exception of my mother); share my interest and did not get impatient with me when I asked to stop the car so I could take some pictures and visit some retail stores.

I think the thing that impressed me the most were the bathrooms, and since I have done a few in my time, I am always looking for new ideas.

Most of the fixtures are imported from Italy and Germany, so they were streamlined and simple.

It has been a while since I have been in Europe and things have changed a lot, particularly in Croatia, so if I seem unusually excited please forgive me.

Last year I had the privilege of working on a rather large project and was able to order some of the products from Italy and Germany for the bathrooms, and it was nice to see some of the products and principals in use in the everyday bathroom that I used in my project last year.

The things that impressed me the most was the tank-less toilet. These toilets are space saving, water saving, totally hygienic, very esthetic, and highly efficient. They are in all the public areas as well as private homes.

If you want to upgrade your bathroom and create some space, and not to mention the WOW FACTOR, this is the way to go.

The other item was the soap dispenser. Wall mounted again, with a container, so you can fill it with liquid soap, no mess on the counter and great if a lot of people are using the bathroom.

I also noticed that they had similar containers for the shower, it dispenses the right amount of shampoo, no bottles to deal with and keeps the clutter down.

I have done some research since my return, and both the tank-less toilet and soap dispensers are available in Canada. If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask, and I can provide you with the information for both.

Another one of my pet peeves is lighting, I did find some lighting and have contacted the companies to see if they would be suitable for our system. Especially the outdoor lights. I fell in love with this one, in the seaside resort of Opatija (Croatia). Originally, it had a copper finish, and now with this beautiful patina. I am on the hunt!

Until next time, enjoy the remaining beautiful days of sunshine!

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This is very exciting for us and we hope you'll find it uplifting and worthwhile to spend time with us here each week.  We've considered Blogging a communication opportunity for a long time and the time is now!

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