The Angles Sang…. August 02 2011, 0 Comments

The moment has come…. the mail lady came through the door…. carrying a brown box today, which the secreatary and I immediately knew was the box that contained the liquid gold! I felt like I ‘d found the Holy Grail.

I carried that box to the back room first going slowly. so overwhelmed with excietment….then I set it down and stared at it for a moment without blinking. I might have drooled a bit, ,but I can’t say for certain since it’s all a bit blurry. Then I opned my Swiss army knife, and sliced the box in 2 . And there it was . Annie Sloan . The white can with the simple blue writing . I fetl like I’d won the lottery. And if there had been a paint brush in that box or anywhere in the chiropractic clinic, all of the massage tables would be sporting a new look by the end of today:) It is taken every ounce of willpower I have NOT to open every can just to ‘see’ until I get it safely home.

Thank-you Elizabeth! You made my weekend, and probably everybody else’s too since they won;t have to listen to me ask 26 times a day ” Is it here yet”



Thank-you Calley, you and everyone else who has orderd paint has made my day, it was a bit scarey making that first big order and hoping there would be others who were as excited as I was  about this wonderful paint. It was worth the gamble and now a whole new world has opened up and many new freinds. THE BEST!!!

Remember, before and after pictures they are an inspiration for us all!!!