The Blog August 04 2011, 0 Comments

Our blog is going through a makeover, two busy little bees working hard to make it all happen.
We will have an online shop for the Annie Sloan Paint so you can order it directly .

In the meantime just before the move I had a visit form young Sara, who just purchased a home and wanted to find unique items to put in her new home.

Very organized armed with  picutures of the things she wanted. The first on the list a dining room table , although she did not have  a picture of this she knew what she wanted, and based on a table that I had in the shop we came up with a table for her.

Saturday we deliver the table and I will show you what else I  found for Sara.

A BEAUTIFUL day here the weather perfect no humidity yet.

Rented a truck today to do the final move, and presenting a kitchen desing this evening. A busy, but exciting day

Until next time Elizabeth