The Sofa: Be Comfortable! October 25 2010, 0 Comments

The sofa is the main anchor in a living room/family room and draws a lot of visual attention and gets frequent use.

The sofa should be comfortable, solidly built, covered with good upholstery and a style that you will not tire of easily. I purchased my sofa in 1980, a classic tuxedo style, with slim arms and loose cushions on the seat and back; in those days the rage was chintz. You remember the English Country look, big floral? Mine was blue with beige flowers.

Eight years later when we moved to Kingston, it was re-covered to a two-tone solid, then 9 years later it was slip-covered with a textured beige/cream linen. This a long time in the sofa world. The initial investment was huge, (it cost me about $100. dollars a year even with re-covering over the years). If you buy quality and style it will last and I certainly won’t be buying a new sofa; I may or may not recover again it unless it gets worn. So far, 9 years later it still looks great.

Like most product’s, sofas come in a range of prices. From the basic second hand find to the luxury model. These days there are plenty of options available. My mission in life is to get rid of all the puffy furniture, one room at a time. These styles will overwhelm most rooms. They look comfy, yet in actual fact they aren’t, and it’s a huge surface area that dominates the room, not only in furniture but colour as well.

I suggest for longevity and budget, invest in a good fabric with high “wear and tear” levels, this is called “double rubs”. When you are having a sofa made or purchasing one ask about the double rubs, the greater they are the more “wear and tear” it will take. Most people wear jeans or some such hard fabric and the friction of those fabrics against the sofa fabric will slowly damage the fabric if it is not good quality. In short order your sofa will look like is has been around for quite some time.

Investing in a neutral colour with a good sturdy fabric is the best investment. You can easily make seasonal changes by adding colour and pattern with your throws and cushions.

Changing art work in the room also enhances the room and diverts attention. If your budget does not permit a major change, invest in some current accessories as those details will make the difference.

The Melon Patch can help you choose a new Fabric for your sofa, or have sofa custom made for you! The cost difference between having one made and purchasing a ready made is not that different, and having a custom made sofa, you can choose style, size, and covering design, all specific to your needs.

For more information and assistance with your sofa requirements give the Melon Patch a call at 613-541-0231