THE TRIP August 18 2011, 0 Comments

The day was off to an early start 4:00 a.m. to be exact.
Paula arrived at 5:30 and we were off the ferry to pick up Barb.
We arrived at Barb’s at 6:30 and then another 2 hour drive to the Go train , west of Toronto.
Train ride in about 40 minutes to Union Station, a short walk to catch the shuttle to take another ferry to catch the plane.
The plane ride about an hour and a half to Newark N.J. to catch another train to reach Little Silver



The traveling sounds exhausting , but actually it was  lot of fun, we laughed a lot got silly , met some interesting people along the way. We all had separate seats, I had  a very interesting companion, who was a Canadian working in the U.S. wonderful conversation, Paula said she could here me talking and asked if he had a chance to say anything? Is she trying to tell me something?

When we arrived in Little Silver it was raining cats and dogs as they say, a short cab ride to the hotel and we were there. I think we took every mode of transport to arrive at our destination.

On Monday morning we were picked up by Karen and taken to our workshop , which was conducted by Patty Seaman and her sister Karen form

A full day of learning new techniques . We also had  an opportunity to use the new colours. White, French Linen and Cocoa. These colours will be available in September.

Coco: A warm greyed brown , the colour found in old French Woodwork.



French Linen: A cool neutral khaki grey inspired by bleached deep neutral of French and Italian furniture

French Linen


White: Quite simply a pure clean white.

Barb our quiet petite creative lit up like a light bulb , this is her palette and I am as excited as she is about these, they are gentle and dramatic, and I can’t wait to do do a large piece.

Actually I have four chairs waiting . The day before we left on the trip I was on my way to do a delivery and stopped at a yard sale!!!! Should I ? shouldn’ t I ? and of course I did.!!!!

I know that some of you are concerned about the cost of the paint. Remember that there is no priming or sanding required and just think about the time you will save by eliminating those steps.

You can extend the colours to give you a wider range.

Example : Country Grey

Country Grey

You can add it to Duck Egg or Chateau Grey to give the colours a paler look.

You can also  add 1,2,3, 4  parts old white to extend the colour

If I loved Annie Sloan before the workshop I love here even more, the possibilities are endless, this is no ordinary paint. It allows you to be very creative, we learned a number of techniques and I would highly recommend  quick and easy paint transformations which is the book that we used as our reference guide to making each of the samples.


At the end of our workshop the rain had finally stopped and Patty drove us to the Boardwalk at the Jersey Shore and we were able to spend a couple of hours there enjoying a walk on the beach and taking in the sea air.

A wonderful day all in all . It was just three short days but WOW I cant wait to paint.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time.