Waxing Tip August 26 2011, 0 Comments

Clear Wax


You always need to apply clear wax first , even if you will be applying dark wax afterwards. The dark wax will stain the paint if applied directly on the paint and it will be almost impossible to get back to the original colour. With clear wax underneath, you can apply the dark wax and if it is too dark , you can remove it with some clear wax, adjusting it until you get the right tone. The finished result of using dark wax over clear wax on light coloured paint should look as if there is a discernible colour difference , with some dark wax in any little niches or grooves in the paintwork or wood. The wax should not look streaked or smeared on.


dark wax

Using wax well is simple . Times of drying can’t be give a as the temperature and the absorbency of the surface and how quickly it dries. If the wax is too dry it can’t be worked and if is too wet it is just wiped away. Don’t wax you whole piece in one shot.. because the last bit will probably be too dry before you get back to it, just work on one area at a time.

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