When the delivery man arrives September 18 2012, 0 Comments

I love it when the delivery man arrives…. today we had Two one had paint, YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

It was  raining and he left the skid on the road again he hasn’t figured out that I need the paint in the store and not on  the road. But it makes good conversation between us. He is getting a sense of humor about the whole thing and me well let’s just say I don’t have to do the gym or yoga that day.

The other the Fed ex man . He brought our vintage quilts.

The throws are made from Vintage Saris pieced together and stitched with a hand running stitch . Each one is unique and has different colours on the front and back .

The large ones are made from one piece of fabric with another on the back, stitched all over with a hand running stitch.

Until next time