Winter!!!! January 13 2012, 0 Comments

We have winter in the Village of Bath, I arrived this morning eger to ship orders ,answer e-mails, re-vamp the store with our new treasures only to find the whole Village without power for the second day in row. No power not heat , No fun….
I hope you are all keeping safe and warm…… ( snow days are for painting) It is a good excuse to stay a home , now if there was power there it would be wonderful.
I plan to light a fire and stay cozy and warm for the rest of the day, it is not often that I can just play hooky.

On days like this the wireless stick comes in handy you can still do a bit of catch up.

Before  I leave you I will share a post that arrived this morning.

From Michelle, this her first piece in Annie Sloan Paint , Old  White, clear wax and  glaze.


Thanks Michelle, nice job!!!!


CORRECTION :  The website for Matthew Wallace  is


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Until next time






Until Next time.