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1. Find your passion, I am not a rich person , I don’t always get my hair cut on time, I travel little unless it is to see my daughter. My idea of a good time is going to an auction or a flea market.

2.Test your limits I took a big chance being the first retailer to bring Annie Sloan Paints into Canada. I had just signed the contract and the building I moved back to was supposed to be sold and the buyers walked out on the deal . I had paint coming and moving at the same time, it was not my best summer and I am still here maybe a little tired and ready for the next adventure.

3. Embrace imperfections, I am in the design business and have been for sometime and always said I had a wash and wear house. My kids were able to be in every part of the house. We did not wait for the kids to leave to have great stuff, we  surrounded our  home  with great finds at auctions and antiques stores, sometimes they were in great shape other times a little sad, but they made our home a  home. Now that my children are grown I see the exposure they had to interesting things , makes their homes interesting and unique. I always say they got the smarts from their Dad and their eclectic tastes from me.

4. Don’t wait for tomorrow , if you can do it now. Life changes quickly and without warning and my motto is no regrets.My husband became ill and our lives changed within 24 hours for ever. I am glad we moved to the farm  that was our dream form our early age, if we had waited to retire he would not realized the dream we had , short as it was it made our lives rich and brought us closer together and each day I am more grateful for the chance we took and happy that I am still able to stay here in the country.

The business of retail is always a challenge , ( the supplies are sometimes late, the contractor that I hired to do the tear out or the put in does not always get done one time, sometimes the colour is wrong or the supplier sent the wrong item)but one thing I know for sure it that there are some really amazing people out there, and I have met more with the Annie Sloan Paints. Great conversations and the excitement when the paint arrives and when someone paints their first piece is special. Thanks for sharing with me.

In the New Year I will be teaching techniques with the Annie Sloan Paints  and will be travelling to different areas. Since Kingston is quite a distance from some of you I am looking at different locations , that will be central  to some of you. I have been certified to teach the Annie Sloan techniques and am hoping to go to England to take another course with Annie , so I can share with all of first hand, what I learned.

If you are interested in taking a course ,they will be one-day  technique oriented , drop me a line so I know where the area of interests are, email elizabeth@themelonpatch.com

until next time