Cleaning your Brush May 03 2014, 0 Comments

Sometimes I forget to clean my brush and when I come in in the morning it is hard and crusty.. Not to worry the brush can be saved..

I have had my Annie Sloan brushes for about 3 years... and they are still great..

In order to get your brush back to almost normal you will need to boil 1 cup of vinegar and put your brush into the hot liquid and leave your brush in it until

the liquid is cold and the brush is soft.. then all you need to do is wash the brush in soap and water... and you are good to go ..almost like new.....

The Little house that grew… January 03 2014, 0 Comments

The little house that grew … was purchased with a vision.. the builder a young man.. who saw potential.. it was a mere 350 square feet.. in a great location.. in Kingston,  Ontario..  The builder.. who has been building homes for a number of years

He chose to use the current house as the foot print for the new one.. adding on and up rather that a complete tear down.. Now it has taken a few years to complete.. busy working for others and building their dream homes and working on his in his spare time.

Here is the original house…

nicks houes

The little house is now… approx.  1975 ft..  I have had the privilege of being involved with the project from the start and offering a few suggestions… and now I have been asked to stage the house to be featured in a new Kingston Home Magazine that will premier this spring.. very exciting for both of us..

All the walls in the house are painted pure white.. the house is roomy  and very bright so rather than chop up the space  with wall colour we chose pure white.. we did not use  any trim around the windows.. wanted to it be clean and simple, we opted for dry wall return…..Hardwood flooring  was used in the throughout the  house and I have opted to  use area rugs. I love Oriental Carpets.. they are not everyone’s cup of tea… but with a an eclectic mix it works well..

The house now as 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms.. plus a family room loft….with fireplace ….

The main floor has and entry /sitting room , dinning room and kitchen with garden doors to the backyard…

I am using a mix of modern/vintage and traditional items to decorate the home… I love an eclectic look.. I think it gives a space a personality , rather than a cookie cutter look..and much easier on the budget..

We will be painting furniture with decorative paint from Annie Sloan.. and some of the colours will be mixed to complement the furnishings.. to give it a custom look…

Decorating with a minimal budget makes one very creative and  I think sometimes these are my favorite projects because it makes you think out of the box.. A challenge when you live in small community where there is not always a lot of surplus furniture .. but it is very is a lot of hunting and gathering.. and there where the fun is.. much simpler when you are doing your own , I have to admit I have a little stash for occasion like this when I am in a pinch..

I  use as much art on the walls as possible , it does not have to be a Picasso.. art does not have to match the sofa or any other piece of furniture it should be something that you love and says something to you.. You can mix landscapes with portraits with a mix of modern.. it make for an interesting collection.

For the sitting area on the main floor.

I chose and Oriental Carpet for the wood floor which has a dark stain.

living room carpet

Two Custom covered wing chairs in black/white ticking fabric.


I am sewing some lumbar cushions for the seats.. they are down filled .. 12×18 inserts.. the inserts will be on the Melon Patch on line shop and available for purchase in the store as well..


I am using a dark grey/black melon type wool for these and will be repeating the same fabric in the upstairs loft/family room..

I am working on a  budget and time is crucial…. normally I would order the fabric..  so I had to improvise shopping is limited in Kingston..   will share that with you in another post…

The coffee table is a  small mid-century modern table custom painted with decorative paint by Annie Sloan with clear wax.. I choose to mix the colours 2 parts Pairs Grey and 1 Part Old White.. I wanted to compliment the carpet and chair fabric. the table has a dark glass top.

2012-09-04 20.01.20

Until next time Elizabeth

Custom Upholstery…. November 26 2013, 0 Comments

At the Melon Patch .. we do custom upholstery.. this chair  painted with decorative paint from Annie Sloan.. and the fabric provide by the customer..


We are a full service shop.. we provide upholstery and custom painting..

Until Next time..

Working with Neutrals November 21 2013, 0 Comments


Neutrals are the starting point for almost any palette. The key to making a neutrals palette work is to add texture. That could be through the use of metals or combinations of smooth and rough textiles or Rustic woods. Don’t let working with a neutral palette scare you. These colours and tones evoke tranquility with a soft sophisticated look. by the way neutrals are not just white or beige.. When I do an interior project I think of the long term.. the easy things to change are paintings/cushions and accessories.. I stick with a neutral palette for walls and floors.. as much as possible , simply because these are large surface areas and can be costly to change.

Here are few neutrals for the wall…

Cooking Apple Green from Farrow & Ball  # 32 .. this is a green with gray but it is still very bright.. another is November Rain#2142-60 from Benjamin Moore.. looks good with wood trim and is a putty colour warm, but not to warm..

For Furniture painting.. try these colour from Annie Sloan

Paris Grey this colour is inspired by French and Swedish interiors and works well with blues and oranges… Paloma  a soft purplish Grey I call a transitional colour … totally of out my comfort range but I have grown to love it.. works well with purples and grays …

Here is a love piece a painted by Virginia Weathersby an Annie Sloan paint stockist..


Until next time.. Elizabeth


Welcome to the new MP website and Blog! November 16 2013, 0 Comments

We hope you like our new set up to serve our customers better and keep them informed and updated!

If you have any questions please don`t hesitate to contact us!

Vintage Cheese boxes for sale February 21 2013, 0 Comments

I love these old cheese boxes …… Here is a few inspirational photos… or you can just paint them with your favorite Chalk Paint colour and Paint the whole thing to add a pop of colour to your room.   For the complete how to’s visit Here is another… did you know [...]

Store Hours February 01 2013, 0 Comments

  We will be closed on Saturday Feb 2nd 2011 and back to Regular Hours Wed Feb 6th  11-5 You may still place your on line order.. Apologies for the inconvenience.   Until Next time Elizabeth

New Arrivals January 31 2013, 0 Comments

Beautiful Mahogany Chest made by Thomasville size 14.25 inches wide by 23 inches deep by 23 .5 inches high. Excellent condition $295.00 pls h.s.t  delivery available. SOLD Another little sweetie great as night table  it is  16.25 inches wide x 11 inches deep and 19 inches high $80.00 plus h.s.t. nice as is or could be painted.

Pearl Plaster January 14 2013, 0 Comments

I have been playing with this product for little while … and I absolutely love it …. I have just placed and order and it will be in the store in the next week…. Let me tell you a bit about it. It creates an opulent and luxurious finish. Once applied , the finish will resemble velvet [...]

Being Creative January 03 2013, 0 Comments

 I started collecting and revamping in my early twenties and that was some time ago. I have never tired of the process. There have  been many items that have come and gone, as you tastes and budget changes so do the items. With the exception of a few pieces that were purchased new, like the sofa  and  couple of chairs and the mattress , most of everything has been painted /stripped or recycled in one way or another.

We were the odd ones at that time I remember a relative coming and saying you guys must be really poor because all you can do is buy this old Junk... we were ahead of our times but did not know it. She still thinks I collect Junk but the difference now is I paint my Junk great colours!!!!

I am a fairly creative person but this came about out of necessity more than a gift... I saw many things in magazines that I loved but like everyone else could not afford to buy, when I married my husband was a student and when he finished I went back to school..... wanting to have nice things that were not cookie cutter and both of us being handy made out lives interesting and fun... I have not tired of any of the process , the huge difference it the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (tm) it changed things to easy and better... no long involved process of stripping the piece of furniture or painting with smelly paints.... All you need is  furniture with good bones and one that fits your design aesthetic. Once you start the process you learn many things ... it is always a learning process.. some things still amaze me and the there are others just like everyone else when I say " what were you thinking" but if you don't try then you will never know where you could have or not.... The best part it is you and no one else has  your foot print, whether it is paint/fabric/choice of furniture piece etc. It makes your space you.

The difference between now and then, are the amazing products you can use to revamp and recycle with. There many wonderful blogs/books and tools ( like the electric stapler /glue gun ) you think I am kidding right!!! they were probably around but we did not have any access , and there is the Internet where you can look anything up at any time and anywhere time.

Take classes when you can it teaches hands on skills you meet many wonderful people share ideas  and give you confidence and life long skills. Never be afraid because you are not good enough... if you were you would not need a class... I love taking them and each time I learn something new.... or a twist on something old.

Hopefully you will Create and Enjoy the New Year and all your new found skills.


Don't forget we've got workshops coming up in the New Year. Book online to join us on Jan 27th and Feb 10th for the Flea Market Flip Classes

Until next time,


Happy New Year January 02 2013, 0 Comments

Hello December 17 2012, 0 Comments

Hello all,

It has been a busy time here at the Melon Patch and sometime since our posting.

Painting furniture and shipping paint , going to auction.... it is all good, but a hectic life.  One that I happy to be apart of. I talk to many small reatilers who do the same, most people feel we have a charmed life and in many ways we do .... we create meet exciting and amzaing people everyday... but the downfall is you can't call in sick  there is no one to answer the phone!!!!

I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of you in person /phone and e-mail and you have all enriched my life in many ways,

A number of years ago my husband passed away which left a hug void in my life , not only was he my partner in life but my Mr. Melon the handy man  painter etc.... bringing the Annie Sloan Products to Canada was a huge risk for me in many ways, it was new to North America..... a big investment / the only one to carry it lots of pressure to ship across the country, finding the right program to facilitate the paint ... the geographic Location of the Melon Patch... all the things that go with running a small business and it's challenges.

I have used many paint products over the years in the beginning there was only latex, then we discovered Milk Paint  and then Annie Sloan.... it changed the way I think about furniture, no more how long will it take to strip , sand and paint and..... I love the fact there is little prep ( I am an impatiatent painter I can wait to get er done as good friend always says!) I can paint indoors , the dye lot does not change the paint goes such a long way... I can mix colours and make some new ones , the colour range is great 30 colours. I like everyone else did have some problems with the wax , but practice makes perfect... or almost I a far from perfect but I love the freedom this paint has given me in terms of the pieces I see... some you cannot strip or do anything with but they have great lines and come to life with a coat of paint. I feel like I am saving the world with one piece of furniture at a time... no more dumping....

As some of you know there are many products out there all claiming to be the best.... the product you choose is a personal choice . My choice is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (tm) gives me the freedom  to create  , each time I paint a piece I learn something new... I hope you find as much pleasure in the Paint as I do... I have painted things that I would have been afraid to before , the best example are a pair of old boots..... who knows what is next.

We have many new and exciting things planned for the New Year, one will be a new on line site to help serve you better.

Plans for Miss Mustard Seed coming to visit....

New Products to use with your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (tm).....

Expanding our showroom to have more painted pieces..

A few traveling workshops to those who cannot come to see us..

This is a busy time of year for all of us as the season approaches.

I hope that you all have a safe and Happy Holiday, we are here until Dec 22 and will back on Jan 2nd 2013 .

Until Next time