Design & Decorating Services

Elizabeth has brought her personal touch to people's home's for the last 12 years. Her knowledge, and fusion, of function and aesthetics allows her to work in  homes and commercial interiors in the Kingston Area, Prince Edward County and Toronto areas.


  •  Residential and commercial interiors
  •  Certified home resale staging
  •  Eco-interiors
  •  Custom kitchen designs
  •  Upholstery, slipcovers, fabrics
  •  Window treatments
  •  Flooring
  •  One-day makeovers


‘Green’ is not just a pretty colour at The Melon Patch, we devote significant time to sourcing sustainable products from global communities embracing fair trade practices. And equal time is spent re-sourcing uses for discarded materials from renovations and upgrades. Landfill is the last option and a very unlikely alternative with The Melon Patch and its owner!

One Day Makeover

Resolve your home decorating issues with our one-day intervention! We will review your choice of rooms with a fresh eye and use what you have. If you’re happy with your furnishings but seek advice regarding the perfect finishing touches to develop a clean, elegant look, this service is for you. Do you have too few or too many accessories? Are you uncertain about how best to display your art?

We make the answers to your questions easy and affordable.
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